Orion Cupboard

Introducing our Compact Cabinet with Drawer and Closed Storage—a stylish and versatile addition to your home decor. This compact cabinet offers a perfect balance of open and concealed storage, combining a convenient top drawer with a closed compartment featuring a single interior shelf. Compact Cabinet with Drawer and Closed Storage is designed to provide both form and function in a compact footprint. It serves as an attractive piece of furniture while offering versatile storage options to help you declutter and organize your belongings with ease. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cabinet invites you to personalize your living space while maintaining a neat and tidy appearance.

Product features

  • Top Drawer: The cabinet features a top drawer with a smooth gliding mechanism, offering a convenient storage solution for smaller items such as keys, stationery, or accessories. The drawer provides easy access to your essentials.
  • Closed Compartment: Below the drawer, there is a closed compartment with a door. Inside this compartment, you’ll find a single adjustable shelf. This space is perfect for storing items you prefer to keep out of sight, such as books, linens, or personal belongings.
  • Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this compact cabinet is built to withstand daily use while maintaining its polished appearance. It is sturdy and dependable, ensuring the safety of your stored items.
  • Sleek and Minimalist Design: The cabinet boasts a sleek and minimalist design that complements various interior styles, from modern and contemporary to Scandinavian and minimalist. It adds a touch of sophistication to your decor.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you place it in your living room, bedroom, hallway, or any other room, this compact cabinet offers flexible storage and organization options, adapting to your specific needs.
  • Easy Assembly: Clear assembly instructions and all necessary hardware are included, making setup straightforward.

Additional information

Weight 40.12 lbs
Dimensions 33.07 × 19.49 × 6.89 in

Orion Cupboard