Dining Chairs Wankowski

Dining Chairs Wankowski are perfectly into almost any kitchen or living room interior. These chairs are covered with a hypoallergenic polyurethane semi-matt varnish and only environmentally friendly materials are used in their manufacture. Diran Chair is located on four natural solid beech legs. The seat is filled with high-quality foam rubber and with high-quality fabric upholstery. The model has received good ergonomic performance, which allows the user to sit in the chair for a long time, while not feeling fatigued and back pain at all.

Product features

– Back – bent-adhesive plywood
– Veneered with oak
– Varnish of the Verinlegno brand: G20 polyurethane semi-matt varnish
– Felt stickers on the legs

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Beige, Wenge

Dining Chairs Wankowski